Digital Media Marketing for Pharmaceutical Organization

By Marketing, 3EA
Digital Media Marketing For Pharmaceutical Organization

The Background
Our client is a prominent face in pharmaceuticals sector with variety of health care products. "Gasoleen" is a notable product by our client, which aims at solving all the digestive problems. Along with being a problem solver, Gasoleen tastes good which differentiates this product from other similar category products. They are based out of Lucknow and supply their product pan India. All the products that are sold by this brand are processed by the same manufacturer with no third party involvement ensuring the quality of the products. Moreover, natural ingredients are used mostly which makes it a preferred choice among the millennial.

The Problem
Our client are in the development phase of building customer loyalty and a brand identity among its target group. Most of its communications are sent through social media and they wanted to customize it accordingly so that they can position their brand with a clear image of solving gas problems, which they did with Gasoleen. They wanted their product Gasoleen to be positioned in its truest form so that people don't retain it for its brand identity but for what it does.

Value Addition
3EA worked on the content and social media posts targeted to their customers with the exact intent of building an identity so that people remember it for what it does. The hash tags used #NoGasGuaranteed and #AcheAchokiHawaNikaalDe reflected the exact intent. Moreover our client tips being uploaded on the regular basis augments the customer engagements as people are generally acceptable to some useful extra information that comes along while they are scrolling through their posts. These kind of tips can break the infinity scrolls which very common today in social media. The product is being promoted in various platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram with uniform positioning to send in a clear message. To sum up, we are helping our client to build their positioning in order to build customer loyalty in long terms.

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Article by: Marketing, 3EA