Disaster Recovery Statistics That Every Organization Should Know

By IT Advisory, 3rd Eye Advisory®
Disaster Recovery Statistics That Every Organization Should Know

Envision losing your tax, billing, payroll, expense, charging, finance and any other form of business critical data. Feel the ground slipping under your feet? Well, there is no need of getting flabbergasted and instead be aware about data recovery solutions to avoid the damages done to your company by loss of important data. A wide range of fiascos that your organization could confront can lead to the shutting down of your business forever. It could be anything, anywhere and victimize you anytime. You can never make sure when a calamity will happen and how severe the damage could be. Securing your association's information is vital to both your employees and your business' prosperity and success. It is essential that all organizations, regardless of the size, have a modern and documented recuperation design set up. From a current study, 60% of organizations don't have a completely recorded Disaster Recovery Plan. On the off chance that the most noticeably awful would happen, you would prefer not to be in the circumstance where you need to close your doors for good. The following are a few insights on Disaster Recovery that all organizations should think about.

Data Recovery Statistics

Top Ten 2016 Disaster Recovery Statistics as per Zetta survey that every company should know about:-

  1. 96% report having a Disaster Recovery solution, however just 50% are leveraging the cloud-based technology with 9% using cloud-only. Tragically not as much as half use crossover cloud innovation, which offers the most abnormal amount of insurance for your organization's information and IT foundation.
  2. IT experts, as everybody, have the best intention. One out of three self-announced that they will return to their disaster recovery solution inside the year. How about we trust they discover an opportunity to protect their associations in 2017 as cyber disaster is expanding at record speed.
  3. As to disaster recovery solution, Reliability is positioned number one. More than half of IT professionals rank Reliability as the most imperative attribute of a disaster recovery solution. Cost is recorded at number three, behind Speed of Recovery at number two. Cost is followed by Usability & Simplicity at position four & five, respectively. You recognize what they say, you can have something great, you can have something quick, you can have something modest, however you can can't have each of the three. With the level of advancement of cyber criminals' increase, the same is required of your business' disaster continuity planning.

  4. 54% of organizations report they have encountered downtime from a single occasion, enduring over 8 hours. Eight hours of consistent downtime is entire day of work. Here is a downtime adding machine with the goal that you can perceive what that means in dollars and pennies. 67% estimate that their business would lose more than $20K for every day of downtime.

    Downtime Events IT pros have faced in the past 5 years -

  5. 75% of all downtime is accounted for to be because of a power blackout. Hardware and human errors round up the top three. At the end of the day, regardless of the possibility that you are not stressed over defending your business from a cataclysmic event, despite everything you have to shield your business.

  6. One in three organizations has reported being hit by a virus or a malware attack within the last five years. With malware on the ascent, the numbers are just anticipated that would rise, which is the reason cyber-education and protection are so imperative.
  7. Two out of five organizations still don't have a reported disaster recovery design, and over a quarter admit to infrequently to never testing them. Hence, realize that in case you're perusing this, you should have a disaster recovery design set up, which is tried and adjusted routinely!
  8. More than 33% of IT experts are disappointed with business progression solutions, referring to they are excessively troublesome, making it impossible to utilize. Business continuity has developed such a great amount throughout the most recent couple of years. Certainly, not all BCDR innovation is confounding.
  9. The greater part of IT experts realize that hybrid-based cloud solutions make them more sure about information recovery versus on-preface only solutions. In addition, IT experts who use cloud-based technology as a major aspect of their Disaster Recovery solution, find it simple to convey.
  10. Organizations with more than 500 employees are abler to have a Disaster Recovery Design (74% of respondents in organizations of this size), while just 54% of organizations with under 500 workers reviewed have a Disaster Recovery Design. That is a great deal of unprotected business. It is vital to recollect that digital assaults and different types of disaster don't discriminate. Companies of all sizes need a disaster recovery design on the off chance that they can't (or would favor not to) acquire the extravagant cost of downtime.

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Article by: IT Advisory, 3rd Eye Advisory®
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