Positive Stress: A different perspective to stress

By Human Resource Advisory, 3rd Eye Advisory®
Positive Stress: A different perspective to stress

Stress is generally considered as a negative thing, it is something that disturbs us when things are not going as expected viz. uncontrolled finances, unresolved family issues, or too much to do in a single day. But it is imperative to realize that stress plays a very important role in our growth and development. When we are stressed, the organs and the alarm systems of our body release useful hormones called Cortisols, this stress hormone pushes glucose out of our tissues into the blood giving our body extra energy which in turn helps us to face the unwanted circumstances and odd situations with more wisdom.

Stress has two different perspectives, if it has the well proclaimed negative approach it is known as Distress, on the other hand if the approach is positive the stress is theoretically known as "eustress" which comes with a bounty of benefits.

Various studies have shown that acute stress is beneficial most of the times making it a eustress. Unlike, chronic stress a form of distress, acute stress is short-lived, caused by things like tight deadlines at work, reaching late in the meetings, unable to attend important family functions, etc. Acute stress may also help improve our alertness, behavioral and cognitive performance. These features help us to handle future stressful situations in a much better and calm way. Since our brain becomes conditioned with such activities or small stressors, conquering and performing better than earlier seems rational.

Now the question here is how to perceive stress as positive stress?

What can be the ways to bring more eustress to our life?

The answer is simple: It is advisable to realize and make our brains accept that stress is a welcome guest, so that the helpful hormones are released and pump us up to face the bizarre and unanticipated incidences.

When we experience distress, we tend to focus on factors with thoughts like, "The task assigned to me is impossible", "the statement by the senior was a comment which will affect my appraisal", etc. We just need to tell ourselves few simple things in order to transform the distress into eustress, we shall try to contemplate on thoughts like: "It's a challenge and I will beat it", "the remarks will help me improve and secure my future." Thus, it is all about perspective!

So next time when in stress, remember: You need stress in order to fight stress!

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Article by: Human Resource Advisory, 3rd Eye Advisory®