Defining Target Audience Through Facebook Advertisements

By Astha Singhal, 3EA
Defining Target Audience Through Facebook Advertisements

Digital Media Marketing is gaining importance in today's world. All businesses whether big firms or SMEs are shifting their advertising strategy from offline media to online media. They have understood that online platforms can help them to reach their target audience with the added advantage of calculating the ROI from the advertisements which is not possible through offline marketing media.

Facebook is one of the main online platforms used by marketers for online targeting. Two billion people uses Facebook every month which makes it a must have online platform for any business. Whether you are a local clothing store or a big retail firm, Facebook helps you to reach your target audience through its Ads Manager. It is such a powerful tool for marketers that they have number of options to customize their advertisement's reach as per their target set.

The factors which can be considered by a marketer through Facebook Ads Manager to customize his target audience are as follows:

1. Demographics: Facebook provides an opportunity to marketer to define his target audience as per the age, gender, language they speak, education, relationship status, workplace, job title and so on. A marketer can customize his audience by filling details in one or more factors. For instance, a female beauty parlour owner can set the target audience as per the gender.

2. Location: Facebook provides an option to specify the target location for the ad. This helps a marketer to target people in his desired location only. For instance, a store owner in Agra can target people around Agra only.

3. Interests: This factor helps marketer to target people who have shown certain interest in some activities or pages. The marketer can target people as per their hobbies, favourite actor, domain, entertainment etc. For instance, a sports equipment selling store can target audience who have shown interest in sports as a hobby.

4. Behaviour: A marketer can customize his audience as per their purchasing behaviour, the mobile device used by people and so on. For instance, an application owner whose application is made available only on Google Play Store can target audience who use android device.

Facebook not only gives option to include certain type of audience but also gives option to exclude some as per their demographics, interest and behaviour. This option helps a marketer to exclude some people from target set instead of filling details to include everyone. The marketer can also set a limit he wants to spend on per head for its advertisement cost. This helps marketer to increase reach as well as reduce cost as advertisement is not shown to the same person numerous time. Once the person has seen the ad as per the limit, Facebook stops showing that ad to the person and passes the ad to some other person of the target set.

Facebook has made it easy for anyone to boost a post or an ad to reach the target audience defined by the marketer. However, only reaching the target audience is not enough. One must constantly analyse the reach and the ROI from the target set and customize audience for next ad accordingly. Rightly done advertisement through Facebook can generate fruitful results for marketer.

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Article by: Astha Singhal, 3EA