Cloud Storage

By Aman Mishra, 3EA
Cloud Storage

A cloud storage is a remotely available information/data storeroom that can store an immense measure of information/data which can be accessed by any approved or authorized individual remotely, i.e. from any part of the world through confirmed passwords via a regular internet connection.

Now the real inquiry emerges, what you really do with your data ?


The appropriate response is, you spare it to a remote database and that remote database can only be acessed over web.

So we may, in consistent terms, can expect that the information is put away on the web.

Well the prospect of putting away information over web is very fascinating and in addition somewhat exasperating as well, as it have gigantic protection concerns with respect to the security of the data.

Cloud stockpiles are overseen by some huge players of IT industry. They have appropriate assets as far as cash, framework, servers and in particular human knowledge to execute such mind boggling and delicate work with most extreme exactness and precision.

Securing data over cloud is amazingly basic and modest. Associations like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and so on have their own particular cloud services. They give their customers free storage of couple of gigabytes. On the off chance that a user surpasses its farthest point then they charge membership expense every year to utilize their services.

It is said that there are no rainbows without rain and that every coin has two sides. With advantages we get some disadvantages also.


1. Ease of Usage:

To utilize cloud services, you simply need to join in the particular specialist organizations site and simply begin utilizing their services.

2. Ease of Access:

You can access your data via by means of your enlisted account from anyplace.

3. Multiple Access:

A registered user can get to his/her information on numerous gadgets with no difficulties.

4. Backup:

Cloud storages can likewise fill the sole need of reinforcement and recuperation for individuals and also for organizations.

5. Security:

The cloud storage is usually encrypted and secured enough to be accessed just by an approved individual.


1. Internet Access:

A cloud service cannot be accessed in absence of internet connectivity.

2. Privacy Concern:

You can never be sure enough when a third party has a hold over your personal or professional information.

3. Expenses:

You need to renew your services annually if you exceed free usage limits and that could be pretty irritating.

4. Loss of Data:

If the user forgets the passwords required to access such facility, he will lose all his data.

5. Vulnerable to Attacks:

Anything that includes web brings up an awesome issue of worry. Online information is more inclined to digital assaults. Anything that includes web brings up an awesome issue of worry. Online information is more inclined to digital assaults.


Cloud storage is extremely valuable even after certain disadvantages attached to it. On the off chance that you exclusively would prefer not to rely on cloud storages, you might need to keep it as a backup and recovery source. It is extremely simple and less unwieldy process than the other conventional storage processes. Additionally, it gives you an extensive variety of availability and flexibility by allowing you to travel without hefty hard disks in your luggage.

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Article by: Aman Mishra, 3EA