Case Study on the Market Analysis and Research for Application of Stereoscopic Conversion, Animation & VFX

By Marketing, 3EA
Case Study on the Market Analysis and Research for Application of Stereoscopic Conversion, Animation & VFX

Lately, it's been right around a given for action- adventure enterprise the atrical releases to have 3D styles offered next to the customary two-dimensioned film. Higher ticket costs for these exceptional theatre experiences make 3D renditions appealing to studios and distributors seeking to get more money for opening weekends. 3D-skilled HD TVs and higher-capacity Blu-ray Discs have made the at-home 3D experience a superfluous income stream in anaverage DVD deals/rental market as well. Then again, motion picture pundits rush to suggest of marketplace weariness for 3D movies and a few watchers gripe of migraines from looking through the 3D glasses. 3D films produce 2 to 3 times the income for each theatre of 2D, giving theater administrators an effective impetus to change over to the new innovation & technology. A major cost for theaters is changing over from old-school prints to digital headway the film business sees as vital, as it would then be able to shed the price of copying and distribution.


We at 3EA have provided innovative assistance to a Post-Production Services Providing Studio for Stereoscopic 2D-3D Conversion/ VFX/ Stereo Paint/ Rotoscope etc. Our objective was to provide solutions to their problems of finding investments & funds to expand their services & clientele base, eventually augmenting the ROI.

Research Methodology

Data Collection Method & Tools

Primary Research
Primary data collection through semi-structured questionnaires, industry experts' interviews, focus group interviews etc. A questionnaire was designed to extract information by interviewing industry specialists, target customers & current market players.

Secondary / Exploratory Research

Studies were carried out about -

  • Latest Market Clusters (Entertainment & Media Industry; Production & Post-Production Services)
  • Latest Technologies, Tools & Techniques used in the industry
  • Competitors & the marketing strategies used by the competitors to increase customer base, market share and business volume
  • Potential Customers
  • Prospective Services
  • Target Segments that can help the company to grow & earn greater profits.
  • Potential Locations for Expansion

Sample Selection
The method of Purposive Sampling (Deliberate Sampling), which belongs to thecategory of non-probability sampling techniques, was used to develop the sample of theresearch underdiscussion. Under this method, sample members were selected on the basis of their knowledge, relationships and expertise regarding the research subject.

Data Analysis
Accordingly, we used an integration of precise Market Clustering, point- to- point Geo- Marketing Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Customer Base Analysis and Location Exploration for qualitative as well as quantitative details were done, based on data received from all methods and sources.Primary research data was analyzed using research tools such as SPSS & Excel.


Market Analysis

  • Entertainment & Media Industry- Trends & Forecast

    Indian E&M industry on higher growth trajectory- Target segments growing higher than industry growth rate
  • Post-Production Market- Trends & Forecast

Top 3 Evolving Developments Driving the Global Post-Production Market

Business Being Outsourced

  • One of the key trends emerging in the market is the outsourcing of the business segment by vendors.
  • Major proportion of the budget is apportioned to the cost of labor. This can be the general difference amongst vendor's market capitalization.
  • Vendors like the Moving Picture Company out-source their business often.

Evolution of AR and VR market

  • The Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will penetrate the animation and VFX space, and post-production studios will receive a higher number of projects in line with the latest technologies.
  • A 360-degree VR video, showcasing the various sets and effects used in the movies, is being launched by movie producers and marketers, since 2014.
  • The user base of the global virtual reality market has crossed 11 million, growing at a rate of 20% since 2015. The number of users will increase significantly in the future.
  • The foremost reason for that is the growing number of industries implementing virtual reality in the movies and TV series segment.

Less interference from artists

  • The influence of the artist was significantly more than their designated role, 10 years ago, as the artists in the industry were usually aware of the principal technology required to make a film.
  • The modern-day artists are often less technically familiar about the sophisticated technologies used in post-production.
  • Post-production technology requires specialized skills. Thus, the artists provide the post-production team the freedom to work innovatively and creatively.

We at 3EA, helped our client in the entertainment industry in exploring all the horizons of post-production services along with deep analysis of location scouting to determine places where they could expand their branches & services. Our team also assisted them in Marketing and in formulating their Human Resource System to accomplish their Vision 2020 of expanding overseas with a bunch of new services.

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Case Study by: Marketing, 3EA
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