Case Study on Boosting Optical E-Commerce Business

By IT, 3EA
Case Study on Boosting Optical E-Commerce Business


Our client made a small beginning as an Optical Retail Shop. Today its services include Spectacle and Contact Lens Dispensing, Vision check up, Eye & Ear Clinic and Hearing Aid Dispensing. They have their own Lens manufacturing facility, wherein lenses of the international quality are produced. Right from the beginning the emphasis of the Company has been on providing Quality products and services, with 100% satisfaction to customers. Today it is identified as Trusted House hold name in Vision Care, in Northern India.It has a team of highly skilled professionals, which include an Ophthalmologist, a Glass Expert, Contact Lens & Hearing Aid Specialists and highly skilled Sales staff. It has its own training centre under the name & style of Institute of Optical Advancement & Vocational Studies.

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Our client had a variety of products and services to offer, and they needed a versatile E-Commerce portal for their optical retail chain, that could accommodate their growing product inventory and training initiatives in a user-friendly environment.Client has a challenge to plan its diverse workforce to manage giant and complex retail chain operations and transactions across PAN India. Client had a need for smart, dynamic solution that can help in automating the buying experience for their customers and great user experience for their in house team of Product admin.

Research, planning and design

We began with a comprehensive audit of existing client product inventory and web traffic history to identify key areas of improvement. After the research phase, we conceptualized a site architecture that allowed for simple product categorization, improved search returns, and automated order fulfillment. Throughout the process, we worked closely with the Client to ensure fulfillment of all requirements.


3EA has implemented an E-commerce portal for their optical retail chains, and it enhances the performance of the client by 50% in terms of productivity and their sales by 30%. The solution we have provided contains several modules as follows:


  1. Admin Dashboard :
    Admin will be able to review total number of orders, customers and review awaiting approval.
  2. Catalog :
    Catalog provides the various options to upload the products and their description. Various options are- Categories, Products, Attributes, Reviews and Information.
  3. Modules Addition :
    It provides options for addition add deletion of modules. Options are- payment gateway, shipping, menu bar, blog Page.
  4. Sales:
    It provides information related to sales and customers. It also provides option to generate coupon and gift vouchers. Admin can also send customized email using email option given in sales module.
  5. System:
    It contains all the setting and customization the portal can be done here
  6. Reports Generation:
    Admin can generate various types of reports related to various modules like customers, orders and product viewed


  1. User Panel:
    User will be able to login and register. If they come first time then they should register on the portal and after the login they will be able to view their order details and personal information like address, email, name, phone number and will be able changes the password of their account.
  2. Product Details :
    It contains all the information related to the product and it can be product name, description, category, price and attributes.
  3. Add to Cart :
    User will be able to add the products to their cart as chosen by them and they will be able to order the product form their itself.

Future Scope

The ease with which the E-Commerce portal has created and deployed caught the attention of the Client Management, which has requested a suite of mobile app for the portal and tracking mechanism for the products.

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Case Study by: IT, 3EA
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