Brand Evolution

By Vipul Tyagi, 3EA
Brand Evolution

Much like natural evolution, Brand Evolution is a continuous process of changes over a period of time. All the changes have been independently taken without any master plan of where things might end up. Brand evolution usually leads to an undefined end goal and a design of product/service which is still not the final one.

Brand evolution requirements are way above how brand look, feel, touch & behaves. It requires multiple tools, methods, Frameworks for product level decisions, key partnership for the product etc. that places customer needs and voices on the top of everything. This ensures that products and services which customer touch are meaningful for them.


The brand evolution can be broken down to three eras:

a. Brand as "Marks" (A brand as a symbol)
b. Brand as "Media" (A brand as a message)
c. Brand as "Means" (a Brand as enabler)


Several centuries ago, brands were viewed as objects. These marks were distinct names or symbols that identified one owner/maker from the others. The best example here would be Coca-Cola with its unique typography, bottle and colour that separates it from its competitors.


In the era of the powerful media and mass advertisement, the first era of brands as a mark evolved to "Brand as Media". In this, messages and communication were about the product and reflected the belief that communication about the product leads to the communication of the brand values as it creates extra layers of meaning beyond symbols & signs.

In this era, brand shifted from feature to perception and from an object to an Idea. Taking Coca-Cola, it ensured that it controls the idea about the brand in your mind. By consistently creating the message via different media, it ensured that it stays in consumers mind.


In the latest era of the sensory overload, persuasion works through various methods like interruption and repetition. In this era, instead of being a passive audience, customer becomes the active part of the brand by understanding the basic question of "What does the brand want me to do". This led to a shift in approaching brand as a product to brand as a service. This brand as a service is characterized by 3 points:

1. Service is the common denominator of exchange
2. It is oriented on service rather than the goods. Although goods remain an important part but service associated with it supersedes.
3. Value creation is the most important factor for a customer because the interaction with the customer defines value of the service.

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Article by: Vipul Tyagi, 3EA