Brand Audit - Why Do You Need It?

By Prerna Advani, 3EA
Brand Audit - Why Do You Need It?

Businesses often talk about improving their brand equity, taking their brands to the minds of consumers. More often than not, the wrong consumers recall the brand but not those who we are looking to target as our long term customers. The brand finally becomes a complicated knot which is then difficult to open. In such a case where do start from to resolve this?

The solution is to take one problem at a time. And to do that you first need to identify all the problem areas that your brand is facing, which can be done by conducting a Brand Audit!

So Why Is It Important to Conduct a Brand Audit?

Brand teams are getting more focused on addressing daily tasks and demands of the brand, but someone needs to step back and see a high altitude view of where the brand is going? Conducting a Brand Audit gives the opportunity to ook at the brand from a fresh perspective. Like products, even brands have a Life Cycle which starts in an upward direction, peaks and then reaches a plateau. It may even lose its essence after this. Thus, as soon as the brand starts to feel “mundane” you need an audit to shift its trajectory.

So ask the following questions to your brand and see where the audit can help your business

At 3EA we believe that the brand that comes to us is our patient and as a doctor of brands we first believe in the right diagnosis through certain tests and only then recommend the action plan in the right dosage.

In case of SMEs, we have had a number of case studies where brands belonging to a local region, city or state are looking to expand across the country. They envision to grow from a single store or owned store model to the franchise model. Or they may want to establish themselves in a new market. Brands that we have catered to for this purpose belong across sectors and their action plan has been derived through the Brand Audit.

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Article by: Prerna Advani, 3EA