8 Step Guide for Becoming the Best Employer Brand Through LinkedIn

By Human Resource Advisory, 3EA
8 Step Guide for Becoming the Best Employer Brand Through LinkedIn

CEO Jeff Weiner plans to "develop the world's first economic graph" with the hopes of "digitally mapping out the global economy." Today, LinkedIn is all about building networks and connections. It's not only about who you know, but about who your connections know. Every company also has a second brand related to its primary brand about how the organization is viewed as an employer, which is known as employer brand.

Employer brand defines the market's perception about an organization as an employer, but also describes the engagement of employees in exchange for their experience, talents, contacts, or skills. This is similar to the way a corporate brand works, in which an organization offers a value proposition to all its customers, defining products or services in the marketplace.

In today's increasingly competitive job market, a positive employer brand is critical as without one, hiring and retaining the best employees becomes challenging and expensive. Every organization needs talented, leadership-bound workers to drive the business forward which the organization can only get if it is a great place to work. Everything from the salary and benefit packages you offer to advancement opportunities to weekly happy hours, the culture of an organization and the treatment of its employees can greatly impact the impression and organization id trying to make on potential candidates.

How can your organization become THE BEST EMPLOYER BRAND? This can be achieved by having minimum 150 followers on the Company Page and here's a step by step guide to it.

STEP 1. Creation of LinkedIn company profile for the organization with the appropriate Logo, Company description, Website URL, Company size, Industry, Company type and Location

STEP 2. Post on Company Page with a frequency of 5 posts on a weekly basis. This can include Sponsored content, Text Ads and Sponsored in Mails, wherever necessary, based on Message from the Founder, Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Organizational Values, Major Achievements of The organization and Employee Testimonials

STEP 3. Ask your employees to create of individual LinkedIn profiles. All your employees should have 500 connections in the first month after page creation

STEP 4. Create Showcase Pages related with the organization for better reach and engagement

STEP 5. Create of LinkedIn Groups and ask all your employees to be part of groups which are relevant to the industry. This will assist Sales team for assistance in Lead Generation

STEP 6. Create of Slide Share Account and post industry relevant content in the form of Presentations, Articles, Videos, Infographics, Case studies, White papers, Blogs, Slide Decks

STEP 7. Allocate a budget and Create LinkedIn Ad Campaigns based on industry relevant content

STEP 8. Re-Buffer top content based on LinkedIn Analytics report for better reach and engagement

There are few do's and don'ts which are to be followed for successful implementation of Employer Branding Strategy


1. Tagging - Use "@" to tag people when you are posting an update. LinkedIn will notify the concerned person.
2. Provide a detailed description - A detailed summary of what your company does must be provided at the top of your page, this must also include the major accomplishments and clearly state what the business does. Be sure to mention specialties, key products and services and include a sentence or two about what makes your company unique.
3. Stay Up to Date - Maintaining the company page up to date not only helps you recruit the best but also establish a thought leadership position in the industry
4. Notifications - Disable notifications when making changes to your profile so that you do not spam your connections with continuous updates
5. Groups Best Practices - Join only groups which are relevant to your company or the industry. Stay active on these groups to be known as a thought leader
6. Respond Promptly - Respond to messages within 1-2 days, that portrays a lot about company values
7. Content - Content must specifically be related to business or work life. Professional achievements, developments in the company or industry, content related to careers and employer branding must be posted to convey the right message for your company.


1. Overloading User's Feed - Avoid overloading your follower's feed with updates. Try to have lower level activity compared to other social channels.
2. Recruiting practices - Research first before connecting to candidates. In case you are sending the connection request do not use the default message. Take the time to personalize your request and show interest in you.
3. Personal Content - Personal content is a definite no on this platform.
4. Spam Messages - Never post messages that may be considered as spam or continuous broadcasting of sales messages. These take your profile value down.
5. Stagnate your profile - Never let your profile stagnate. Keep posting relevant content even if it is 1-2 posts a week. Profiles which have not been active set a wrong impression if anyone visits the page.

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Article by: Human Resource Advisory, 3EA