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Kano Model Analysis

Kano Model, a customer satisfaction model developed by Dr. Noriaki Kano, Professor of Quality Management at the Tokyo University of Science, is meant for product development and customer satisfaction.

The model aims to distinguish essential and differentiating attributes related to concepts of customer quality.

Kano Analysis catalogues the attributes of any product/service into 3 sets:
1. Basic / Threshold Attributes
2. Linear / Performance Attributes
3. Delighter / Excitement Attributes


Let us discuss them in detail:

Basic/Threshold Attributes
As the name implies these are the most basic and minimalistic requirements of a customer, which he assumes that a product or service must have. Their absence will surely have a negative impact on customer’s satisfaction while their presence won’t be any helpful too, as they are the most basic requirements that a product or a service must have. E.g. A camera on a smartphone.

Linear/Performance Attributes
These are the influential attributes that increase customer satisfaction. Though they are not compulsory but they are positively correlated with the customer’s satisfaction. E.g. Two is better than one so getting dual camera on a smartphone will be a lot better than just a single camera.

Delighter/Excitement Attributes
These are the actual game changers. These are the features that differentiate the actual feel and satisfaction gained from any product/service. Customers don’t actually want these but they feel thrilled when they find them. Their absence won’t negatively impact the overall satisfaction but their presence will definitely improve the overall experience with a huge margin. E.g. Bokeh effect, Slow-Mo, Time Lapse are some camera features that a customer won’t even want but their addition will make the smartphone experience a bit more enchanting.


Before you apply this model you need to know what a customer values the most, what are the basic needs and what more you can add for an unmatchable experience. Never make assumptions. Conduct surveys, do market research to gather as much information as you can while keeping a track of their ever changing expectations.

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