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Implementation of IMS at Dazzles Jewellery

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Implementation of IMS at Dazzles Jewellery

About the Company
Our client made a small beginning as an Artificial Jewellery Retail Shop. Today its services include Bridal Jewellery, Silver Jewellery, Necklace Sets, Earrings, Pendants Sets, Bangles and Bracelets. They have diverse collection of fashion jewellery. Polki, Kundan, Silver, semi precious stones. Dazzles Jewellery is the one stop destination for exquisite Poshaks for God (clothing for idols) including matching accessories and lots more. The fashion mania does not end there, for they have bangles, bindis, clutch purses and hair accessories to make you look simply divine for that perfect occasion. Keeping up with the trending styles, they keep an assorted collection of bags and totes, cases and wallets that satisfy all your whims and wishes. They have home decor items like bandhan-waar, painted diyas, hand crafted envelopes etc. that adds an additional charm to your wonderful lives.
Right from the beginning, the emphasis of the Company has been on providing quality products and services, with 100% satisfaction to customers.

The Case
The primary objective of the company was to design a versatile Inventory Management System which should be linked with a centralized database to manage the inventory from their multiple warehouses for their offline (POS) and online sale.

The Problem
Our client had a variety of products and services to offer, and they needed a versatile Inventory Management System which should be linked with a centralized database to manage the inventory from their multiple warehouses for their offline (POS) and online sale. They wanted to link their E-Commerce portal and Inventory Management System with a common database. Earlier they had an E-Commerce Portal but they did not have a proper Inventory Management System and because of this, they were facing issues in managing inventory for the online and offline sale (POS). The Client had the challenge to plan its diverse workforce to manage giant and complex retail chain operations and transactions across PAN India. They had a need for smart, dynamic solutions that can help in automating the buying experience for their customers either online or offline and great user experience for their in house team of Product admin.

Problem Identification
The first action was to do a comprehensive audit of the existing product inventory to identify key areas of improvement. After the research phase, we conceptualized an IMS architecture that allowed for simple product categorization, improved search returns, and automated order fulfillment. Throughout the process, we worked closely with the Client to ensure fulfillment of all requirements.

The Strategic solution offered by 3EA
3EA has implemented an Inventory Management System for their Artificial Jewellery retail chains, and it enhances the performance of the client by 50% in terms of productivity and their sales by 30%. We have designed a centralized database which is linked with their IMS to manage the inventory from their multiple warehouses for their offline sale(POS) and online sale. The solution we have provided contains several modules as follows:

  1. Admin Dashboard
    On admin dashboard, they can view sales, customers, supplier, transfers (one warehouse to another warehouse) and sales graph on monthly basis.
  1. Products
    It provides options to upload new products, view product’s list, print barcodes, and adjust quantity of uploaded products.
  2. Transfer
    It provides options to transfer products from one warehouse to another warehouse
  3. Purchase
    It provides options to add purchases, products, and items from suppliers.
  4. POS
    Using POS, our client can generate bills for offline sale from any warehouse. This module is designed for offline sale. Using this once, they scan the barcode, the product will automatically get added for billing.
  5. Sales
    It provides complete information related to sales including online and offline(POS) sales.
  6. Settings
    It contains all the setting and customization of the IMS. Our client can create and manage the products’ categories in the warehouse.
  7. Reports Generation
    Admin can generate various types of reports related to various modules like customers, sales report (daily and monthly).

Future Scope
The ease with which the IMS has been created and deployed has caught the attention of the Client Management, which has requested a suite of mobile app for the portal and tracking mechanism for the products.


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