3EA Global Academy

3EA Global Academy

About the Academy

3EA Academy is the specialised unit launched by 3EA in 2016. The academy was established with the sole motive of nurturing the human capital of the company. It aims at helping the human capital to grow within the company.

Who are our Trainers?

The strength of the Academy lies in the knowledge and skills of its Trainers. We have a family of one of the best knowledge workers who are contributing by their expertise and robust professional background in the area of Management Consulting, Brand, Marketing, Communication, Finance, Risk and Advisory, Human Resource Restructuring, Information Technology, Media, Education and so on.

What is our Approach?

We at 3EA believe in bringing out the best from people by training them under challenging environment. We follow the approach of learning by doing. We impart the theoretical knowledge and also provide the opportunity to apply the same in practical business problems. We train our human capital through live projects, case studies and solving real business problems. 3EA Academy provides Certified Professional Program through which we work at enhancing the critical skills of our human capital.

Certified Professional Program (CPP) is designed by experts in 3EA to build and enhance the critical professional skills needed in today's business environment. The program provides the students with an opportunity to get the early mover advantage and start their professional careers while pursuing their graduation. CPP is intended to provide professional knowledge in short period.

After completion of 360 hours of training, the students are offered an "Associate" position in the company. As an associate, one gets to work on various live projects in the field of Finance, HR, Marketing, Digital Media Marketing and IT. This gives one the opportunity to gain months of experience as an associate in a business consulting company and get well versed with standard operation procedures of every type of business.The student can join as an Associate before joining as a full time employee or can join as an Associate before joining as a summer intern.

How are we different?

The students are trained by best knowledge workers with professional background and expertise in various industries. The Academy makes it possible for our students to work while pursuing their graduation ad enhance their critical skills. The Academy gives an opportunity to learn theoretical knowledge as well as apply the same in practical scenarios. It enables the students to work on different business entities under one roof. The CPP program not only trains one in his/her particular domain but also provides an opportunity for all round development by working with group of experts.

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