Associate before joining as a Summer Intern

Why grab this opportunity?

Before your summer internship, you join as an associate which is more or less the same job role as the one you get in live projects during the graduate/post-graduate program. The timings are flexible and the duration of the project will last till your graduation. It's a long-term commitment with the organization with the work on various live projects which helps the associate to understand the work culture and processes better.

How did it start?

The motive behind starting it was to provide incubation and project experience to the students before they actually join the office as the full-time employees. This program was started in June, 2016 by the 3EA with intent to hire the best talent among the top graded Indian colleges. This role is generally extended to the MBA/PGDM students with whom the company looks forward for a long-term association, and wants the person to understand about the projects.

What's the takeaway?

It is a wholesome learning experience involving primary and secondary research for various clients in various industries which gives a proper immersion in the sector. Moreover, the application of the marketing tools and its association with the growth of the company opens up a new opportunity to apply what you learn. In addition to that you are paid stipend which can surely cover up your daily expenses in college. You join as a full-time after your summer internship which helps you to keep up what you learned during your journey as an associate. Terms like SMM, digital marketing etc sounds fancy when you learn the theoretical part but it is nothing like the experience when you actually do it in real-time. Your key take-away is this experience which would shape up your future according to current trends.

What's in it for us?

The skill set that an employee possesses build up the strength that a company possesses. By training you today, we do a two-way thing through single strike. We train you as an associate so that you develop as an efficient employee and in turn we are able to retain the excellent talent who knows how the industry works. It fills up the void between a graduate and an employee through simultaneous learning.

Placement after being Associate

About the role

The role of an associate is similar to the one offered in a corporate project during the graduation/post-graduation program. As an associate, one gets to work on various live projects in the field of Finance, HR, Marketing, Digital Media Marketing and IT. This gives one the opportunity to gain months of experience as an associate in a business consulting company and get well versed with standard operation procedures of every type of business.

Why is it different?

The Associate position gives the flexibility to work part time from home or in office with a good monthly stipend . The position expects one to devote 18-20 hours in a week or 2-3 hours a day for the company. After the graduation is complete, one gets an option to work as a full time employee in the company.

The role is extended to the MBA/PGDM students with whom company looks forward for a long-term association. Opportunity to work on various live projects helps the associate to have a better understanding of the work culture and processes before joining the office as a full time employee.

Who can join?

People who have completed their summer Internship with the organization or People who have got Certified in CPP Program are eligible to apply for the position. This provides the organization to gauge the performance of the associate.

How can one benefit from it?

One is hired as an associate after the summer internship or after certification of CPP Program. The work involves the projects done during the internship as well as new clients. Associate also gets as opportunity to work on various live projects involving different clients. It helps the associate to understand the industry better. The role provides a platform to apply theoretical knowledge in practical situations. It is designed to provide an opportunity to apply what one has learned during MBA program. The role is intended to build and enhance the critical professional skills of the associate before joining as a full time employee.


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