Sales and Channel Management

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Sales and Channel Management

What is Sales and Channel Management?

When an organization develops various marketing techniques as well as sales strategies to reach the maximumnumber of the clients possible (Chanel management).

While creating a distribution channel, sales channel management is one of the most important strategy which includes a lot of aspects like survey of the marketplace, review of the channel, managing channel investments, conflict handling among the channel intermediaries, forecasting sales, creating a channel marketing structure.

Channel conflicts is one of the major issue that is seen when sales and channel management isn't done properly. This might later on lead to the exercising of powers by other intermediaries over the manufacturer which can cost hefty amount to break free.

How we help

3EA has deep expertise across various capabilities that help business run their sales operations and Manage their channels. We help clients develop channel strategies by understanding.

  1. Channel economics (How companies sell their Products and services)
  2. Developing customer segmentation (To whom Companies sell their products)
  3. Developing market projects to optimize channel programs and back office operations that support these efforts.

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