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Product Pricing

What is Product Pricing?

Product pricing is a process whereby a business sets the price at which it will sell its products and services, and may be part of the business's marketing plan (Wikipedia).

The price is the most adjustable factor in the product mix. Thus, the price has also number of strategies associated with it. The price should be varied throughout the lifecycle of the product without the underlying assumption what user can pay for the product. Product pricing strategy can fil the gap between the perceived value and the actual values.

Pricing of a product communicates the company intended value of the product. Stating pricing on higher or lower side can have negative consequences as pricing according to the industry standard is easy but it usually lacks competitive strategy. This might lead to the loss in sale also because consumer often interpret prices along with past purchasing experiences and research.

How we help

For every company, in different industries, pricing has a different meaning. We, at 3EA have different tools to develop a tailored solution that work for your ecosystem and we work with you to design solutions that allow your organization to develop skills to repeat the process into the future.

Whatever your pricing issues, we can easily fix them. Our huge clientele base has provided us with rich experience in various industries, products service and pricing aspect. Pricing is a very broad field and in past 10 Years, we have completed more than 25 Pricing Projects boosting our clients return. We use scientific methods to optimize products prices in the real-world business situations.

Need to write the different approaches that have been built so far are the different examples of the initiative approach we have developed to help our clients to capitalize on the digital market impact. As true pricing professionals, we also reach out to clients and businesses for their perspective on pricing on a regular basis. Every edition of pricing reveals new insights into how companies think about the latest pricing issues.

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