Marketing Return on Investment

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Marketing Return on Investment

What is Marketing Return on Investment?

It's the monetary return generated by a company's marketing activities. Calculating ROI needs you to take into account basic campaign revenue and spend, but other variables and metrices that are different for each company and the type of the campaign being run.

With the marketing ROI, the company can easily take the marketing decisions. Marketing ROI can make it easy to quantify the data that justifies the company's investment. This also helps you to present the data that clearly demonstrates the contribution of Marketing to overall success of the company.

Although the calculation of Marketing ROI is not always accurate and on a long-term basis, but not using the mareketing ROI will make you miss out on the many performance parameters that a company might have based the campaigns on.

How we help

We seek to determine, ahead of time, the likely performance of a campaign and then decide to proceed, adjust or nix it, so as to achieve the highest marketing return on investment possible.

We define the importance of marketing return on investment for our organization:
To effectively measure success, we first establish what our key performance parameters will be. We also define, what "success" means, since this definition is unique to each organization as well as its stakeholders.

We gather all the required information and data:
Like most organisations, we also collect our data in a systematic manner and we manage multiple databases where all our data is stored. We work with our sales, marketing and IT departments to create a control system with an active feedback loop through our marketing automation programme.

We monitor our progress at regular intervals:
We do not believe in waiting till the end of the year to evaluate our performance. Rather we monitor our progress on a monthly or weekly, if not on a daily basis.

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