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Consumer Shopper Insight

What is Consumer Shopper Insight?

It is defined as the market research specifically focussed on the in store and near store behaviour & experiences of a customer and then converting insights about customers into Rigid business plan and systematic growth.

With the consumers insights, you are not only looking at the shopper's behaviour, you also examine the attitudes that drive them. These insights provide understanding of trends and changes in their path to purchase can help improve the promotional strategies. For Marketing agencies, thy can tailor smarter and more channel targeted strategies based on in-store and digital influences.

Without the Consumer Shopper Insight, you might lose out on the changing consumer behaviour which ultimately make the brand lose out on the potential customers and change in the product offerings.

How we help

Through our Innovative Consumer Insights practice, we apply a unique, integrated approach that brings clients the full value of deeper customer understanding. We strive to uncover insight that convert into actionable strategies and drive measurable economic impact. We collaborate with clients to find and discover the beliefs, attitudes, and motivations that drive customer behaviour through their purchase decision journey.Understanding what matters to consumers and drives their behaviour is essential for leveraging countless sources of advantages from creating growth opportunities, developing new products, evaluating acquisition targets and developing outsourcing strategies.

We push for deep insights and relate them directly to economic impact measures and value to an organization. We try to expand our clients existing capabilities, utilize their internal expertise, and leverage their category knowledge to further consumer & shopper insights.

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