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Consumer Branding

What is Consumer Branding?

Consumer branding is a way to create recognition and positive reputation of a product. Generally distinctive packaging and emphasizing a particular product's selling points are common practices in the consumer Branding. It basically aims to convince your prospective customers of the value, quality or exclusive nature of your product or service.

Consumer branding will help in easily identifying the products as they are distinctive. It gives user a feeling when they shop for the branded products and the organization can easily charge a premium. Plus, it helps in reducing risks that consumer might associate while purchasing any unbranded product.

If branding is not done, it might help you in short run but in long run, the people outside your geography will have a hard time accepting the product. And if the product is not accepted, then the problem occurs during the expansion phase. Plus, if there isn't any branding, there shall be no loyalty of the customers.

How we help

Consumer branding has evolved beyond identity, packaging and advertising of products. Our branding group combines innovative and proven techniques with wide expertise to help clients create unique and distinctive brands.

3EA works with small as well as big organization to drive growth through brand strategy and experience. From new categoriescreation to market share optimization, we help business to address consumer brand challenges across and within portfolios.

The right response to correct a brand's transgression depends on the relationship the brand tries to build with consumers. Our complete understanding of business and modern multichannel ecosystem allows us to collaborate effectively with our clients in implementing brand strategies

Match the right target audience in the desired segment.

With quantitative and qualitative methods and deep professional experience, we analyse the right market segment for your brand and target specific audience to achieve the wholesome success.

Strong brand positioning

We develop strategies to differentiate brands through superior positioning relative to competitor. Repositioning established brands to better meet customer needs.

Make unique identity of your brand.

The brand experience by our team makes you stand out in the market,with much innovative and creative brand architecture at competitive costs.

Customizing your existing brand and creating a new brand architecture

We help you to improve your existing brand with proven testified solutions and help your brand to diversify rapidly.

Developing world class client capabilities

We work to design roles and role descriptions, and use training academy structure to help employees learn by doing.

Measure and track the business growth

We help clients develop the metrics they need to understand where they started from and what advances they have made with wide auditing and analytic techniques.

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