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Talent Management

"Build People, and People will build your business"

Talented individuals form a successful team, Successful teams will create great organizations. And it is essential to have supply of talent to stay successful over time.Talent management is a continuous process starting from planning of workforce to attracting the right talent, developing required skills, retaining individuals through culture, and providing transitioning. Talent management model will provide a system to transform organizational strategy to organizational performance & outcomes.

Talent management is a strategic and a company-wide long-term plan closely associated with business objectives and is way ahead than day-to-day management of people. The process is linked with an organisation's business strategy to retain their top talented employees. It is not only about employee involvement or employee recognition but also the accomplishment of the stated business strategy which ensures the attraction of top talent with respect to competitors. Talent Management helps an organisation in the following ways:

  • Understanding of workforce dynamics
  • Attracting suitable & top talent
  • Increase employee motivation and performance
  • Developing capability frameworks and career paths
  • Retaining top talented employees
  • Successful planning & other transition processes

A lot many companies try to create talent management strategies without understanding the business strategy which cannot be successful as the essence of talent management is to bring together talent strategy and business objectives.

  • Recruiting new people is not a solution; Build relationships and engage the talent
  • Performance reviews are not for just assessment, but to improve real-time performance
  • Create an effective collaborative learning environment; Avoid training

Our global experience in talent management and organizational development can help you develop talent strategy in-line with business strategy, apply workforce analytics to support the talent road map, developing talent through real-time performance management processes, and identify key positions & building succession plans

A well-established FMCG company was helped by our experts in order to reduce the attrition percentage by 40% and in turn helped them in better succession planning and effective Talent management practices. This helped them in attracting the best talent as well as engaging them for better growth of the organisation

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Linking Talent Management Strategy to Business Strategy

– Every organization shall have a business strategy which define the path to achieve their mission. Talent as a resource plays a major role in driving the strategy provided the organization gets the right talent on board focusing on the right initiatives.