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Talent Engagement

Talent Engagement is a strategic lever for organizations to meet talent needs according to growth strategy of business. Talent Engagement is a horizontal that should be core of talent practices. Talent Engagement is also in line with career development opportunities that employees seek as part of total rewards pie which requires and therefore it requires immediate attention. As the world becomes more complex moving people across geographies becomes more complex and what worked in the past does not work now. Therefore, our team of consultants will help you meet your organization's specific mobility needs, with practical advice based on organization data. Employee Engagement is a crucial element to expand company`s business into new markets and to create unique opportunities to attract, develop and retain company's most critical asset - its people. We can enable you to develop a strong talent philosophy of your company which is not just specific to functions/skills.

"Future relationship between Talent and Mobility will be Seamlessness"

Our talent productivity tracker makes it easy

Our research along with expertise of our consultants is best in class. We provide services around industry best practices. We will facilitate integration of Employee Engagement into Talent Management framework of your organization and develop infrastructure to create an "Internal job market". Employee Engagement will be successful if Right people are in Right place at Right time and Right cost. Three primary facets of talent mobilization are strategically acquiring and assessing talent, actively developing employees and deploying them throughout the organization. We will work with your organization to establish "Employment Model", from local, national and global perspectives. This will be in check with your organization's Vision, Mission and Goals (Short-term and Long-term). We provide quantifiable results by measuring value-based metrics to present you with return on investments, success of mobility strategy, succession and retention numbers. We track the success of program on cost, time and quality metrics by considering virtual, direct, tangible and intangible factors to provide a holistic view of performance.

Services We Offer

  • Workforce planning incorporating Rewards and Recognition
  • Mobility readiness of different job roles
  • Determine Total rewards program for mobile workforce
  • Compliance, Employment law, Income tax, Immigration policies of countries
  • Cultural Sensitivity training and HR Support
  • Mobility Education of workforce
  • Scenario planning considering political, legal, economic factors
  • Benchmarking policies and practices to increase competitiveness

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Linking Talent Management Strategy to Business Strategy

– Every organization shall have a business strategy which define the path to achieve their mission. Talent as a resource plays a major role in driving the strategy provided the organization gets the right talent on board focusing on the right initiatives.