Post-Merger Integration

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Post-Merger Integration

The mergers are consolidation of two companies, their expertise, culture and assets which enables the company to gain strategic competitive edge in the industry. The aim is to create more value as a single entity by improving performance and accelerating growth by achieving economies of scale, technology dissemination, product diversification and inorganic growth.

'People factor' is critical to the success of Merger and Acquisition. Sadly this is the factor that is most overlooked which leads to pitfalls and failures. Mergers & Acquisitions bring with them complexities like differences in Culture, working styles, personalities, compensation restructuring, leadership change, and layoffs etc. which directly impact the employees in both companies. Integration process has to be managed in a structured and sensitive way to avoid ambiguity, clash of corporate cultures, loss of talent and failure of Merger and Acquisition.

We at 3EA , have consultants working in domain of Mergers and Acquisitions across industries. The integration of two companies requires a flawless process and deep understanding of critical business issues from multiple perspectives. Our consultants will guide you every step of the way to realize a successful corporate restructuring.

"Mergers generate substantial synergies"

We enable successful Mergers & Acquisitions

Our consultants are well versed with the opportunities and complexities that Mergers and Acquisitions bring with them. Our team, with real-world, practical and tactical experience, will make this transition easier for you. We will enable administration and coordination of both the companies at enterprise level and perform due diligence, risk mitigation, culture assimilation and integration, communication etc. to realize common vision of Merger and Acquisition from day one of new entity to ensure long term success.

Services we offer

  • Due diligence
  • Current organizational culture and post-merger cultural assessment
  • Cultural transformation and assimilation
  • Organizational structure design
  • Leadership styles and communication strategies
  • Assessment of talent capabilities and competencies
  • Designing compensation strategy
  • Legal compliance at global level
  • Planning and implementing techniques/programs for change management

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