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Job Evaluation

Job evaluation helps the organization to understand the gaps with respect to ideal job designs, structure, roles, and compensation by relatively comparison of worth of each job. The above-mentioned factors are important factors for an individual to be motivated; to work better and add value to the organization's objective.

A rightly performed organization's job evaluation will answer how effectively it is using its workforce and their productivity rate. In addition, the organization wide assessment will provide insight on

  • Job Analysis-
    To determine job objectives and develop employee roles and responsibilities
  • Job Description-
    To establish linkage between organisational goals and departmental goals by defining perfect person-job fitment
  • Job Specification-
    To determine the minimum educational and experiential qualifications an employee needs to accomplish a job.
  • Compensable Factors-
    To identify correct fitment of employee qualification and employee designation

Job evaluation lays a strong foundation toward establishment of human resource management without which the keys factors such as organization design which defines the differences in individual roles, global pay structure which indicates the value of the job at different geographies, design of jobs which enlists the skills required for every job can't be contemplated.

The objective of the job evaluation is to create a job hierarchy, complying with the law on equal pay and equal value that is free from discrimination and felt to be fair by your employees.

Our highly conscious approach helped aleading food and beverage kiosk chain establish strong foundation and robust HR infrastructure, which enhanced the force to achieve its business objectives and increase employee productivity by 33%

The multi-stage systematic job evaluation process provided a well-established retailer chain to have greater insights on analysing the worthiness of each job in the organization with respect to the business objectives by taking inputs from organizational, functional, and individual level analysis.

More than a high pay cheque, your people want meaningful work. 3EA helps you to align your organization to your people, by finding them the perfect person-job fitment so that your employees can do what they do best and drive your organizational goals.

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