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HR Policies

Are you effectively communicating with your employees? Are you getting employees up to the minute with organizational changes that affect them? Every organization is undergoing both planned and unplanned change. Organizations have to navigate change successfully and link it with employees. Effective employee communication has a significant impact on organization culture, employee engagement and ultimately productivity.

"Communication permits clarity of purpose". With this philosophy our expert consultants will help your organization to develop a communication plan from strategic, cultural and business processes perspective. We will measure impact of communication on performance, profitability and efficiency of workforce.

Increasingly organizations are opening mutual lines of communication with employees to liaise in real time and assess health/pulse of the organization. Real-time feedback, people analytics and predefined action plans are becoming a necessity in organizations. We enable organizations come up to speed with current best practices.

"What was once considered a tool in HR's strategic leadership is now almost universally recognized as a strategic necessity: effective communication"

We make Communication easy

Multi-generational workforce, multiple platforms, Enterprise social networks, unstructured data all add to the complexity of communication. We cannot take a monolithic, one-size-fits-all approach to communication. Print, audio, video - they all must be combined to tell the story.

We understand the need of communication architecture in organizations be it open house, town halls, pulse surveys, annual surveys, exit interviews, mailers or traditional face time. We incorporate technology with communication strategy to provide platforms for communication.

Development gig economy has led to increase in remote workforce. This calls for finding best ways to communicate with remote workers, not only keeping them in the information loop, but integrating them into the company culture by acknowledging their needs and engaging them through multiple channels.

The gap between company and employee understanding can be wide. We can help bridge the gaps.

Services we Offer

  • Develop Multi-Dimensional HR policy plan
  • Enhance Communication architecture
  • Refine Employee Value Proposition to increase desirability
  • Facilitate change management through communication
  • HR plan and policies to motivate and align workforce
  • Provide data analytics and evaluation of policy implementation strategy

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