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Haslab Launches India’s First Homeopathy Healthcare Mobile Application in Collaboration with 3EA

With the pandemic on all of our minds, more and more attention has been placed on personal healthcare. To meet people’s increasing needs for reliable services, the healthcare industry has been looking for innovative ways to use their resources more effectively. Recently, Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory (India) Pvt. Ltd., popularly known as Haslab, leading homeopathy brand in India,[...]
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3EA Partnered 10X Co-working Launches in Mumbai

Global Management Consulting Group, 3EA in partnership with real estate giant, Stallion Properties has launched 10X to enable smoother transition to remote working. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global seismic shift in the way organizations work. When most the organizations started adopting work from home or remote working, the real estate and co-working spaces industry had bleak chances[...]
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3EA Funded Gujarat Based Agricultural Start-up HirenBhai.com

With the reforms in the agricultural sector and introduction of Farmers Act 2020, Government of India has boosted the overall growth of the sector by building infrastructure and supply chains for farm produce in national and global markets. This will benefit small farmers who aren’t able to bargain for their produce and get a better[...]
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3EA Funded ‘Woodka’ Launches its Studio at Surat

Getting plastic to disappear from our lives is quite a slow, painful process but with initiatives such as one taken by Woodka, brainchild of 3EA, is a promise to a plastic-free future. According to Ecological Impact and Sustainability report, a plastic bag is only used for an average of about 12 minutes but it takes up to thousands[...]
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3EA Co-Funded Humanfirst.help in India to Help the Underprivileged

When the lockdown was announced in the March of 2020, people rushed home from wherever they were and religiously followed the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” directive of Government of India to avoid the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. “Almost on a daily basis, I could see news channels talking about the plight of the[...]
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WoodKa launches its first studio at Lucknow

The world is moving towards globalization, and it has become a necessity to preserve Earth and the life that exist on it. WoodKa, a brand of 3EA Limited, is known for providing 100 per cent natural, organic, and eco-friendly products. The entire product range is carefully processed and packaged to give it an elegant and vintage[...]
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Wisteria Realty Ready to Tap into the Indian Real Estate Market

As the urbanisation and corporate growth dawns upon us, the need for real estate arises. The lack of trust in under-construction properties has heavily contributed towards the slump in investment in real estate. With the ever-increasing fraudulences, the need of the hour is the arrival of the honest and transparent organization to provide its customers[...]
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3EA, knowledge based consulting group, enters NCR

A home grown management consulting group 3EA has significant presence in India and Singapore by 7 Knowledge Centres. The Founder and the brain child of 3EA is Shree, ex-Director of an International consulting group, who holds the position of CFO mentioned – “We believe in transforming traditional business models into innovative quick result providing sustainable infrastructures. This requires a lot[...]
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Senitta debunks menstrual hygiene myths and spreads Dioxin awareness

 It’s high time now to break through all the myths and taboos related to menstrual hygiene with Senitta. A brand by Unicorn Hygiene, aspires to spark the flame of knowledge and enlightenment about personal hygiene and self-care in the minds of women across India. Senitta is not just another sanitary napkin but has the potential[...]
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