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A capital project is a lengthy investment used to build, add or improve on a project. It is any task that requires the use of significant capital, both financial & labour, to commence & complete the project. Capital projects are defined by their large scale & large cost compared to other investments that involve less planning & resources.

Infrastructure is the basic physical systems of a business or nation; transportation, communication, sewage, water & electric systems are all examples of infrastructure. These systems tend to be high-cost investments; however, they are vital to a country’s economic development & prosperity.

Factors that influence success in capital project & infrastructure industry include deep insight of market dynamics, the size of the sector, asset class & the kind of competition prevailing in the industry.

40% Of World’s Capital Project & Infrastructure Projects is inadequately spent owing to restricted access, lack of novelty & innovation, & market failures.

We, at 3EA address these issues, promote economic growth, & contribute to more resilient & secure communities.

Important sectors that are covered under capital project & infrastructure industry are-

  • Engineering & Construction-
    This sector has a positive market prospect. It is estimated that $49 trillion in infrastructure investments will be required by 2030 just to keep up with the global economy. We help our clients to construct an effective & efficient system to maximize their productivity & profitability, with the assistance of strategic advisors, researchers, senior industry professionals with decades of experience in risk management.
  • Real Estate-
    Our capital project advisors support large real estate projects. Our team of advisors, consultants & experts, has widespread knowledge in residential, commercial, & industrial real estate. Through our client work, we have developed a keen understanding of how to create value throughout the lifecycle of a real estate project.
  • Social Infrastructure-
    More than $8 trillion is required by public units all around the world to fund social infrastructure projects through 2020. This figure exceeds the capital requirements of the oil & gas & mining industries combined. To build social infrastructure in developing economies, more than 40% of that $8 trillion is required. With government finances more strained than ever, expectations for public-private partnerships (PPPs) are elevated. While private sector interest in funding public infrastructure projects has increased in recent years, barriers to private sector participation remain intact. Many government agencies lack the capacity & abilities to plan, strategize, execute, & manage PPP projects. At the same time, productivity in the construction industry needs improvement. We have a holistic approach of social infrastructure projects, helping clients optimize quality, minimize costs, & deliver projects on schedule. We integrate our keen understanding of the industry & practical dexterity to observe deeply the working of public sector, healthcare systems & services & strategy & corporate finance.
  • Transport Infrastructure-
    Under Capital Project & Infrastructure, our team at 3EA joins its vast knowledge of individual asset classes (roads, railways, airports, highway construction/ widening, seaports) with diverse practical skills. We assist clients on asset planning & prioritization, feasibility & forecasts.
  • Mining & Metals-
    Mining & metals industries confront an undeniably complex environment across the globe, from increasing supply limitations to new ecological constraints & low efficiency on capital projects. Notwithstanding these difficulties, worldwide investment in mining & metals is relied upon to develop by around 50 % by 2030, as capital projects assume an immense important part.
  • We enable our clients to explore this evolving prospect, to enhance time & on-budget delivery of capital projects, & to position their projects & portfolios as vital empowering influences of growth & development, utilizing our knowledge & functional skills in capital projects.
  • Chemicals-
    Capital projects are an indispensable means of development for chemical companies. Inspite of this, delivery of capital projects often falls short, with frequent delays & cost overruns. We help our clients by developing capital strategies that combine finest practices in project optimization, project-delivery improvement & by structuring an efficient human resource system.
  • Pharmaceuticals-
    This industry continues to invest in capital projects at a growing rate. Our team at 3EA helps our clients to successfully & efficiently execute & complete the project on time as time to market for capital projects in pharmaceutical happens to be the biggest value driver. We have assisted our clients to launch pharmaceutical products in the market on scheduled time & with enormous success.

Even the most successful companies routinely suffer cost & schedule overruns. 3EA helps & supports its clients to plan, strategize, execute & enhance project governance to transform capital project & infrastructure into functional strength & enhance productivity as well as profitability.