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Franchise Model in Jewellery Industry

“Franchise Model should be such that helps even a low budget investor to be a part of Jewellery Brand” Gems & Jewellery Sector: Franchise Model in Jewellery Industry Introduction:The Gems […]
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Tax Implications and Exemptions

Salaried employees form the major portion of the overall taxpayers in the country. The contribution they make to the tax collection is also quite significant. Income tax deductions offer a great scope […]
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Kano Model Analysis

Kano Model, a customer satisfaction model developed by Dr. Noriaki Kano, Professor of Quality Management at the Tokyo University of Science, is meant for product development and customer satisfaction. The model […]
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Difference between SEO and SEM – 3EA

Most internet marketers and business entrepreneurs do not know the differences between SEO and SEM. It looks similar but these are different services. Let’s understand what the difference between the two is. What […]
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FMCG Industry – 3EA

FMCG product affects every aspect of human life. These goods are repeatedly devoured by all sections of the society and an extensive part of their wealth is spent on these products. […]
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Building Knowledge Economy – 3EA

The wealth, in a knowledge based economy is primarily delivered by utilizing knowledge. It is a system of consumption and production that is based on intellectual capital. Actually, it is […]
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Indian Rural Markets – 3EA

IntroductionThe diversion of interest and enthusiasm of business towards rural markets is not a one-day miracle but is sign of revolution in worldwide marketing in the forthcoming era as marketing gurus consider […]
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