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360 Degree Marketing Plan & it’s Benefits for Pharmaceutical Company

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360 Degree Marketing Plan & it’s Benefits for Pharmaceutical Company

Digital Marketing Case Study

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About the Company

The homoeopathy company was established in the year 1962 with an aim to bring healthcare closer to conventional medicine by focusing on extensive research and innovation. They aim to get themselves recognized as a global leader in providing accurate and scientific solutions to deliver life-changing wellness measures without side-effects.

The Case

The primary objective for the company was to generate traffic to the site, bring potential leads and spread awareness about the brand over digital media.

The Problem

12 months back when 3EA Ltd. (back then it was 3rd Eye Advisory Ltd) joined hands with the pharmaceutical company as their Business Consultant, the biggest challenge was to bring the pharmaceutical company up on top positions from nowhere in Google search, bring conversions through multi-channel marketing within a defined budget in a competitive domain of pharmaceutical and to bring real traffic that can convert.

Problem Identification

The first action plan was to do an in depth analysis of the website’s and social media handle’s current performance & drawbacks, defining the user persona & targets, analysis of the competitor’s landscape & devising the marketing approach.

Site was low on traffic, not ranking on any of the productive keywords, and hence conversions were very low. Also the presence on social media platforms was also quite low, with less than 500 followers and that too only on Facebook. The company had no corporate presence on any other social media platforms.

The Strategic Solution offered by 3EA

Content & User Experience, Multi-channel Marketing

Site had an immediate need of changing the entire UI, optimization, right keyword targets, quality content, conversion friendly landing pages & a planned marketing strategy.

Site User Interface

The existing UI was neither user-friendly, nor it was mobile friendly. Being an e-commerce portal, its User Interface was redesigned, post understanding the competition and requirements of its users. It was given a more authentic touch and keeping in line with its brand position strategy of living our lives without any side effects.

Site Optimization & Content Marketing

We selected productive keywords for the site & optimized it for users considering the latest search engine algorithms. In this process, we restructured the site to improve the user experience, optimized the content, added more information, & published user centric interesting content to bring new visitors, engage them and convert.


We also optimized the site for SEO, since it had a lot of scope of driving traffic through search. We shortlisted a number of keywords which were relevant to pharmaceutical industry and devised the content for the website around it. Those keywords were embedded in the website, as the part of on-page SEO. We also pitched the medical articles to relevant media and combined these PR efforts with some blogger outreach.

Social Media

In order to develop a 360-degree brand communication, the marketing strategy was devised, not just for Facebook, but also for YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. Since our end objective was to increase engagement and generate enquires, thus we came up with unique campaign strategy of engaging the viewers by linking ongoing social topics/news with its positioning strategy and presenting it to viewers in a comic format. Thereby increasing the user engagement and conversions.

Paid & Social

Along with strategic organic search marketing, we also executed few Paid campaigns. Since the marketing budget was tight, we had to be selective and object oriented. Thus we focused on prime objective of generating queries and ran campaigns for Google display ads and Call-to-action ads. Thereby directing all the queries to the new website or to their in-house CRM team.

Landing Page Optimization

Since, the ultimate goal was to generate genuine leads, the immediate step we took was to optimize the site for conversions that included redesigning the site’s primary pages, build smart landing pages for paid campaigns, optimize order process and protect the website with SSL.


From less than 100 visits per month the Website Traffic improved to 24,000 Visitors per month and 924 Leads, just from website landing page

With integrated marketing efforts, continual analysis & smart budget allocation among them, the ROI increased drastically.

Amazing improvement statistics were recorded in the last 12 months of digital marketing campaign:

  • Total traffic went up drastically by 24,242% with 72% improvement in worldwide website ranking, thus showcasing improved user experience.
  • Earlier there was no mechanism to generate and manage leads. Whereas now, within six months we were able to garner 924 leads.
  • Covering the social media platforms, as of date the number of followers/subscribers has increased by 525% with Total Reach of 64,37,810, in the past 12 months.


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