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Recently it has been realised that creating a strategy is not as difficult as executing a strategy. The real challenge is getting strategy to deliver. Despite heroic efforts in strategic planning and performance tracking, there is still widespread dissatisfaction with operating result. Businesses often fail at execution due to lack of properly drafted framework or methodology.

Strategy and Culture provide the foundation for a business operation, while Operations and Support translate them into action.

The activities included as a part of operation performance includes value chains, quality, program management, partnerships and selling. Support functions like people, back office processes, financial reporting and scorecards, forecasting, market positioning, information technology, etc. are extremely inevitable for the business goal execution.

Building a 360degree view essentially entails using all possible touch points to bring the problems for execution or support to the forefront, and making it visible to all potential and current stakeholders of the company. The challenges faced by the managers is to integrate all the functional units as well as human resources of a company for achieving the desired goals.

At 3EA, we understand the challenges and hence, we operate by setting clear priorities. We understand that a strategy is formulated with an intention of driving results and hence, it is imperative to execute it in the manner desired. We go that extra bit to provide support for the timely execution of specified tasks.

We maintain an array of KPIs and measure and monitor them on a regular basis. We also assist our clients in all activities ranging from financials, marketing – on ground or digital, daily operations to providing human resource activities and functions. Right from strategy creation, execution, and to providing support to our clients we are right there with them. We don’t just help you grow, but we also support your growth by providing a foundation and ladder.